Manage your brand’s reputation across all customer touch points.

Consumer insight tools to help get a birds-eye-view of your competitive landscape. Understand your market share, where your strengths are, and where you fall short in the eyes of consumers.

Marketing & Brand

PR & Communications


Research & Innovation

Reputation management is hard, backbreaking work

With Versus, you can now gather data on your audience, filter, analyze, and take action.


Collect all online mentions of your brand

Track the trends in the volume of conversation about your brand. Benchmark your data against your competitors.


Drill down on the details

Filter out irrelevant items, so you can see data on campaigns, promotions, hashtags and topics you really care about.


See what your audience is saying, and why

See positive and negative mentions. Mentions from influential web and social authors. Suggestions for improvement, and customer pain points.


Reach out, resolve issues, put out fires

Reply to critical mentions before they spread like fire. Build trust and loyalty buy resolving pain points consumers have with your brand.

And so much more...

Identify influential authors

See popular influencers talking about your brand, reach out and turn them into ambassadors.

Improve brand messaging

Get unfiltered feedback from your audience. See their needs, wants, and expectations. So you can target that with your next campaign.

Benchmark with competition

Measure your marketing performance against all your competitors. See why campaigns perform better than others.

Take inspiration from competitors

Get insight on your competitor. See what they’re doing right, and why it's working well. Implement it into your strategy.

Test new ideas with consumers

Test out new promotions, campaigns, concepts , products and services with consumers across all demographics. Reduce risk, ensure reward.

Share reports with stakeholders

Print reports that document changes to your KPIs. Communicate your contribution to stake holders. Be the hero of your organization.

All this is possible with our products


On-demand surveys

Get market insights to drive business decisions. Query our thousands of vetted respondents around Africa.

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Social Listening

See mentions across online sources. Discover consumer sentiment towards your products, services, and marketing campaigns.

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On-demand consultation

Reach out to our dedicated team of consultants at any step of the process

Custom reports and insights

We connect the "what" and "why" together. Using different data-sets to bring you deeper insights.

Get advice on next steps

Our team will identify market opportunities and key improvement areas from your data.

Let’s help you win

Learn how Versus can help you win in the African market with a quick demo.

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